Speech Therapy for a Diverse Society

Indigo Speech and Language offers services for a variety of communication needs. With specialization in pediatric anti-oppressive intervention, sessions are designed to be functional, fun, and affirming.

What is anti-oppressive speech language pathology?

Anti-oppressive practice is an approach to working with all individuals in a way that is inclusive and equity-seeking. It requires the practitioner to embrace cultural humility and to engage in extensive on-going education.

Due to the lack of diversity in licensed speech-language pathologists, individuals from marginalized identities are often seen by clinicians who may hold biases against them. At Indigo Speech and Language, providing affirming services rooted in anti-racism, anti-ableism, and anti-oppression is fundamental.

Beyond Cultural Competence

Cultural competence is not enough to fight injustice in healthcare and education. Indigo Speech and Language is committed to anti-racism, strengths-based approaches to linguistic diversity and neurodiversity, and social justice in education.

Meet the therapist

Pediatric Specialist dedicated to diversifying education and communication sciences and disorders.

Indigo Young, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-CL

Speech and Language Pathologist

Indigo Young  is an ASHA-certified Speech Language Pathologist and a Board-Certified Specialist in Child Language. She is a pediatric specialist with expertise in developmental language disorders. She is particularly interested in providing culturally proficient care to diverse children and families. Indigo currently has a full-time faculty appointment at a high-ranking graduate school, helping to train the next generation of speech language pathologists.

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Speech Therapy for a Diverse Society. 

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